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What's Up With Ron?

I admit it, I've been slow to post to my site lately. That is now going to change, I promise!

During Covid I wrote three novels, couldn't decide what to do with them, finally submitted them to my main publisher, Champagne Books, and they took all three! I've been up to my eyeballs in editing!

"Summer in Paradise," a paranormal thriller, is out now in ebook and print. I should have copies this week. A young graduate, at loose ends, heads to a remote fishing village to write the great novel, or just hide away from the world. He finds far more than he bargained for. There are dark things loose both in the woods and the water. As a bonus, an award winning short story, "Midnight," is included.

"The Perils of Paul" a fantasy with a hint of sci fi is the next one due. Covers a number of years in the life of young Paul and his annoying sister as they discover a route into an alternate world, with villains, princesses, and a powerful sorceress. The route works in both directions, and covers a number of years as they grow from annoying teenagers into their more heroic twenties. Should be available in late 2024.

"Flight of Fancy" is my version of a sci fi romance tale, about a misfit pair of characters trapped on a round trip to Mars as the only crew. Trouble abounds, and then they return home, and it gets worse? Should be available by year end or early 2025.

While all this was going on, one of my publishers, eTreasures Publishing from Florida, decided to close down and not tell me. We discovered this situation when we tried to order more books. What followed was the effort to get our rights back and have the old books removed from Amazon. The lawyer who was advising me also happened to own a publishing company, Fossil Cove Publishing, and he agreed to reissue the four books in question, a trilogy and a stand-alone, Now available:

The Toltec Trilogy, an alternate history tale about the Toltec Empire from Mexico discovering medieval Europe and arriving with the heavy artillery.

"Toltec Dawn," "Toltec Khan," and "Toltec Noon," tell the tale over a number of years from the POV of three characters: The Toltec captain in charge of a fort outside of London England, a Saxon girl attempting to flee to the Continent, and an Irish youth apprenticed to the temple of a Toltec god.

"We're Not in Kansas," is a near future stand-alone adventure novel with a sci-fi touch as a single mother and her annoying teenage daughter set off on a quest because of an Egyptian statue found in the wrong place. Danger pursues them, and then there is the strangely familiar character who is also on the same hunt.

If this were not enough to keep me busy, at the re-launch of the Toltec Series sponsored by the Manitoba Writer's Guild, my eldest daughter came up to me and said, "I think I've found Dark Candle." My publisher from Fossil Cove was standing beside me and said, "You find it, I'll publish it."

"Dark Candle" was written by me over 30 to 35 years ago, on a Commodore 64 computer. A paper copy was sent to a publisher who sat on it for two years, before finally deciding it didn't fit their schedule. I recovered the paper copy and attempted to get the manuscript added to a more modern computer. Somewhere during this exercise, the only copy was lost, mislaid. Since November 2023 I have now re-copied this beast, made some minor corrections, sent the file to Fossil Cove, and it has been published, in print and ebook formats. Warning, this one is definitely ages 18 and up!

"Dark Candle" is a tale of hypnotic regression, a search for past lives, in which the past life from the Dark Ages, doesn't wish to return to the grave. A period piece, filled with plenty of sex and murder, and as I told my wife, I don't write like that anymore!

Besides all of this, I have been making several local appearances at Key Con, the Manitoba Highland Gathering, and the usual array of markets and church halls to sell books and talk to budding writers. In July we have a tent at Cooks Creek Medieval Fair, and at Shelmerdine's Markets in August and September.

I will try to make more regular posts, but seriously folks, I have been keeping busy!

R.J. Hore

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