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What Have I Been Doing Lately?

During covid19, between real work like finishing the Housetrap Chronicles Series (probably) and editing novellas 11 & 12, I wrote two novels that may never see the light of day. Not sure what to do with them but they kept me amused. May bury them in the files or see about trying to get one or both published.

The second to last Housetrap, 'Twas the Week Before the Night, has survived several rounds of editing, and a cover, after about four changes, has been approved, and is due for release in November 2021 as an ebook on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords, etc.

The finale, The Midwinter Cuckoos at Midnight, is submitted to the publisher and due to get into the editing process next. It is scheduled for release sometime in 2022,

Once that happens, Housetraps 10, 11, &12 will be released as the fourth print edition. (#10 is The Road to Hell is Paved With Parsnips and is currently available as an ebook.

Other than appearing at the Shelmerdine Farmer's Market just outside of Winnipeg this summer, I have not been at any shows or cons in 2021, all cancelled due to Covid. Looks like the Winnipeg Comic Con is going ahead the end of October and I have booked a booth there under the Bursting With Books banner. Not certain what 2022 will bring.

Then there is that partially finished children's book I started to give one of my daughters something to read to her two at bedtime. Maybe I should think about finishing it. I often get inquiries about which of my books are suitable for younger readers. It all depends on the child. I started poking around the adult section of the library at a fairly early age, mainly sci-fi and fantasy. I'd say my books would be fine for most in the 12 to adult age group, although I'm not sure about some adults.

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