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A Busy Year End

October saw us at the Winnipeg Comic Con, postponed from 2020. Professionally done, with all of the writers grouped together in the same area. Three long days but I had decent book sales, considering probably lower attendance than in past years due to Covid19.

Have a new Housetrap Chronicles novella coming out this month. Available now at Champagne Publishing for pre-order. This is the eleventh in the series and with a bit of a festive theme: 'Twas the Week Before the Night" in which Randy (our heroic detective) and Bertha, (his trusty Secretary, Girl Friday, Partner in Crime) get to go on a mission to save an orphanage load of small goblin and gremlin children from a spaceship filled with pirates. All very festive!

To follow up on that exciting tale, the twelfth and probably final episode of this epic chronicle will arrive some time in 2022. (It has already survived the first round of edits.) The title: "The Mid-Winter Cuckoos at Midnight" might give you some hint of what to expect, but I doubt it. Will keep you posted.

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