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A reader of genre fiction since an early age, I got down to serious attempts at writing over thirty years ago, although employment kept getting in the way.


During those years I wrote a considerable amount of non-fiction, enough to be listed as a professional writer by the Canadian Authors Association.


Hobbies include trying to keep on the good side of my wife, keep track of my children and grandchildren, photography, and wrestling the blasted cat off the keyboard. In my diminishing spare time, I reminisce about the good old days of sailing on Lake Winnipeg and the occasions we got lost.


My writing history includes:


Winning first prize in 2006 for a national Canadian Authors Assoc. short story contest (a romantic ghost story: “Midnight”) and being published in their anthology that year, and a modern vampire tale “Chrysalis” published in an anthology “Evolve” that did quite well after its launch at the 2010 World Horror Convention in Brighton, England which I attended.


A current member of two writing organizations, the Canadian Authors’ Association and the Manitoba Writers’ Guild, I have served as a director on the CAA Executive. For several years I was in charge of the judging for a national Canadian history book contest and chaired a writer’s workshop in Winnipeg that in 2005 self-published an anthology, “Pieces of Eight,” including three of my own selections: a sci fi piece, an attempt at an epic poem, and a true tale of how I almost drowned my brother and his wife in a storm the first year I owned a sailboat.


I currently review science fiction and fantasy genre novels and anthologies for an on-line magazine aimed primarily at libraries. I am losing track, but I have done somewhere over 80 reviews so far.


In 2010 I co-authored a nonfiction history: “The Rotary Club of Winnipeg-100 Years of Service.”


Through Champagne Book Group ( I have a medieval fantasy trilogy of novels of murder and intrigue entitled: “The Dark Lady,” “Dark Days,” and “Dark Knights,” and a second high-fantasy trilogy: “The Queen’s Pawn,” “The Queen’s Man,” and “The Queen’s Game.” My latest trilogy is a Sci-Fi Space Opera: “Of Destiny’s Daughters,” “Hammer Across the Stars,” and “Expeditions to Earth.” I also write a series of fantasy detective novellas under: “The Housetrap Chronicles.” Ten of these are now available as individual tales with the first six gathered within two collections and a third on the way. There is also a standalone medieval-style novella, “Knights Bridge.” There is a stand-alone novel released through Champagne, “Alex in Wanderland,” a modern bickering couple in a Dark Age alternate universe, tale. BURST Books is a division of Champagne books.

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