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What happens when you dare pass through the warped door of Randolf C. Aloysius, Private Eye?


You enter the fantasy world of the Housetrap Chronicles, where anything can happen and usually does. Here are three stories from Randy’s well-worn case files:


Housetrap: A missing boyfriend, an elf on the run, and Martian Vampires? What is a private eye to do?


Dial M for Mudder: Locate a missing statue in the dismal swamps of Venus! No problem? Just assemble an expedition with a curvaceous assassin, a senior citizen, and a teenage guide. 


House on Hollow Hill: What could be simpler, simply attend a high-fashion weekend in the country with your half-banshee secretary while posing as another couple, and keep a close eye on the erratic host? Why? Because someone is planning to murder him. 

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