Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


When Words Collide

Just returned from attending the second annual "When Words Collide" conference in Calgary.

Had an opportunity to do a reading from "The Dark Lady" and was a member of two panel discussions. The first was on the topic of where writers come up with their ideas and how they develop them. It was well attended. The senior writer on the panel was Kelly Armstrong, the Canadian horror writer.

The second panel was on critiquing, and the advantages/disadvantages of writer's critiquing groups vs individual writing partners. Not as well attended as the first panel, but got into a more heated discussion.

The attendence was 30% higher than last year's conference.

As usual, Robert Sawyer was very entertaining, as was Jack Whyte.

Met Kevin Anderson and his wife and a graphic artist from Winnipeg at the Aurora banquet

Even worked a short shift on the Champagne/BURST table. Sold only one book (a copy of Dark Lady) but bought three from the graphic artist while I was there.

Must consider going again next year.



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