Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


What Happened in April?

This month I attended the first annual Central Canada Lit Fest. I had a table in the author's room and participated on three discussion panels: Pantser or Plotter, World Building, and What is a Beta Reader? The guest of honor, Kelly Armstrong, who I had met before, was on two of the same panels.


We completed a Virtual Book Tour for The Queen's Pawn. It was scored an average of 4.6 by the reviewers. Out of curiousity I checked my books listed on Goodreads:

The Dark Lady has an average score of 4.33 from 6 reviews

Housetrap has a score of 5.0 from 2 reviewers

Knight's Bridge has a score of 3.0 from 1 review (the only one I haven't actively promoted to date)

The Queen's Pawn has a score of 4.0 from 5 reviews


My editor retired last month so I'm in a bit of a holding pattern until assigned a new editor. I currently have the two sequels for the Dark Lady sitting at the publisher along with the manuscript for the stand-alone: "Alex in Wanderland."

Working on two more in the Housetrap Chronicles series. If accepted that would bring the total to six tales in that series.


Next month on the May long weekend will be attending Keycon in Winnipeg, doing a reading and on at least one panel. In August will be attending When Words Collide in Calgary, with a reading and panel. Details not confimed yet..   

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