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Ronald Hore


What am I up to now...

Trying to get organized for the madness of this summer. I have attendance at two conferences scheduled: "KeyCon" the long weekend in May in Winnipeg, and "When Words Collide" in August in Calgary. Readings and panels will be involved.

I have the editing of the three novellas in "the Housetrap Chronicles" series to look forward to, they are due throughout the rest of 2013. While on that topic, I have just completed the first draft of the fifth in the series and making notes on number six. Then I think I will take a "Housetrap" break.

Finished the first drafts of sequels to the Dark Lady. Just waiting for comments.

"The Queen's Pawn" is due out in a week. have an interview and picture coming up in a local paper. A blog tour is scheduled for the second week of April to promote QP.

Have a project "We're Not in Kansas Anymore" that I thought was completed but I've changed my mind. I think it needs another 70,000 words to round it off and complete the story. Sort of left it hanging, I think. Will tackle that next while I'm waiting on everything else.

And then of course, once the ice and snow finally leave us, will have to devote some time to getting the boat ready. We are talking about another of the annual trips up the lake.

Oh good grief...



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