Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


Welcome to 2014

Been busy this month.


Have finished the first round of editing on "Dark Days" and "Dark Knights", the two Dark Lady sequels due out this year.


Received the cover art for both. We're going in a new direction for Dark Lady and the publisher will probably re-issue "The Dark Lady" with the new cover format.


Burst Books, my publisher, has picked up the latest  two novellas I wrote for "The Housetrap Chronicles" fantasy detective series. I have done the first round of editing for:

"Murder in the Rouge Mort" and "The Treasure of the Sarah Madder."

That will bring the total to six in that series.


I did tell the publisher I'd have  look at my new contemporary fantasy tale and get it back to them for a look at by the end of January.


We were talking about sequels last month. It appears that sequels are popular in the reading world. I agreed to do a follow-up (or two) to "The Queen's Pawn." That should take me to the end of 2014. I've got as far as some scattered notes and the first page.


Was busy with book reviews the last couple of months. Before Christmas received eight to do. Down to the last three.


No hope of boredom this winter...


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