Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


The Meaning of an Overnight Success?

Received word last night that Champagne/BURST Books will be picking up another of my novellas, "Knight's Bridge," for publication in March 2013.

With three on the go now: The Dark Lady released this month, The Housetrap scheduled for December 2012, and now Knight's Bridge, does that mean I now qualify as an overnight success?

After close to forty years of writing fiction (as a means of staying sane during my previous working life), it doesn't feel like overnight.

I guess the moral of this scribble is to keep at it, and by all means send things out to publishers (after they have been looked at several times, and not just by you!), and attend conventions and conferences where you may get an opportunity to meet with publishers, and if you are very, very, fortunate, you may be invited to send in a complete manuscript.

I just wish it happened forty years ago, but I'll take it!





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