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Ronald Hore


The Dark Lady - Parts Two and Parts Three

Last night I completed the first draft of the third book in the Dark Lady series.

So what does this mean? Where do we go from here?

Just the first step in a lengthy process. Next, my beta reader goes through the manuscript and gives her comments. I then re-edit.

I am waiting for both second and third books to be in the format where I am satsified with them. Once we reach that stage I forward both at the same time to my editor so that she can see if the continuing story flows properly. If the publisher agrees, then the books will be scheduled for publication. That is the start of another lengthy process.

We go through an editing, back and forth between editor and author, until we are both satisfied. Ultimately it may take a year between acceptance by the publisher and the books coming out, first as ebooks, and later as print editions.

The bottom line is that is they see publication, I hope the readers approve of how I have concluded the story and have some appreciation for why it sometimes takes so long for a sequel (or two) to come out.

Now I can concentrate on some other projects, but that is another story

Housetrap came out December 3rd and so far any comments I have received are positive. Fingers crossed...  

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