Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


Sorry I'm late but here is what I have been up to recently!

Currently working on the editing for the first sequel to "The Dark Lady." Working title is "Dark Days" and it is due to be published March 2014. The third novel in the trilogy, "Dark Knights" is scheduled for August 2014. I will definitely get my fill of editing in the next few months.


Writing is more fun!


I submitted two more novellas in the Housetrap Chronicles to my editor and she has passed them on up the food chain to the publisher. For now it is a wait-and-see what happens. That would make a total of six in the series if they are accepted.


To keep myself out of mischief I have agreed to write two sequels to the novel "The Queen's Pawn" that came out in April of this year to some good reviews. That should keep me busy for the next year or two.


I also have a completed more "contemporary" fantasy novel that is back on my desk to look at revisions before re-submitting. That may have to wait a while.


This coming year I tentatively plan to attend four shows. The C4 Lit-Fest comes up in Winnipeg the end of March 2014, followed by KeyCon in May, also in Winnipeg. The Canadian Authors Assoc. host a conference in Orillia Ontario in  June and I hope to make that. Will wrap up my out-of-town literary appearances in August at When Words Collide in Calgary. Of course, there is also the big Comic Con in Winnipeg in the fall. Will see how the rest of the year goes. 

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