Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


Sitting in the Hotel in Calgary

I'm at the When Words Collide writer's conference in Calgary. Tomorrow I am taking part on four panels:

How Literary Should My Commercial Fiction Be?

Making the Everyday Fantastic

The Ghost Did It

The God Particle.

(Hope I don't make too big a fool of myself!)


Saturday night I take part in a mass autograph session and on Sunday get to do a reading from my latest novel: The Queen's Pawn.

Will be picking up some paperback copies (If the publisher doesn't run out) after the conference closes on Sunday to bring back to Winnipeg for anyone who doesn't like ebooks. (the rest of you will have to get them direct from the publisher (BURST) or someone like Amazon.

When I get home will have to get busy working on cleaning up the two drafts I have of sequels to The Dark Lady. Mentioned them to the publisher today as she is here too. Told her I have two more Housetraps in the works and we talked about combining 3 to a trade paperback. That would give us two (6 novellas).

Should be enough to keep me busy. Back to serious writing next week after filling my brain up here in Calgary. 

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