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Ronald Hore


May Has Been Busy

This has been a busy month. Been assigned a new editor and we finished the editing on "Dial M for Mudder," the second in the Housetrap Chronicles Series. It is scheduled for release July 2nd, I believe. The next project due is "House on Hollow Hill" which comes out in September, to be followed by "Hounds of Basalt Ville" in November.

On the May long weekend I worked at a table at Keycon30 along with two other authors who are also published by Burst Books: Graeme Brown and L.T.Getty. We sold a few books and talked to a lot of people. We opened with a two hour reading session from our writings on the Friday night. On Saturday I took part in an autograph session and was on a panel discussion on Settings and World Building.

My next conference will be "When Words Collide" in Calgary, August 9th, 10th, 11th. Don't know at this stage what panels I will be on. Supposed to do at least one reading. Will say more when I have some details.

I am planning to be working on a table at Comic Con in Winnipeg, November 1st. 2nd, 3rd, along with the same two writers I was with at Keycon30. More on that later.

As far as future writings go, I have two more in the Housetrap Series in the works, have a couple of sequels to The Dark Lady now at the publisher to be looked at, and have a partially finished near future novel that needs completing.

June looks like a busy month too... and I'm going to be late getting the boat in the water this year.


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