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Ronald Hore


Manuscript Week

I've just finished the (hopefully) last round of editing on The Dark Lady and sent it in to BURST. It boggles the mind, when you think of how many times this particular manuscript has been looked at, that I can still find picky little errors that need correcting.

I personaly go over the draft manuscript several times as I create it, then again once it is finished. Then I dump it on my writing buddy Leia to tear apart, and correct any errors she finds.

Before I sent the original to Champagne, I went over it again. My keen Editor at Champagne did her worst.

Now I've just gone through it again, in detail, twice, and I'll wager I haven't found everything.

The moral here is that you can't count on yourself to catch everything, probably because you have lived with your creation for so long it all looks wonderful, until someone points out what you have missed.

Of course, I have an alternative theory, "It's the evil machine!" (that or the cat waltzing on the keyboard)...

Watch for it ... The Dark Lady ... due out early February 2012!!





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