Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


June was a very Mad Month

Sorry, seem to be a month behind. In June we were away for two weeks on a no-writing holiday, then I got home and had to wrestle the boat into the water.


And I have a new editor at Burst Books, Monica.


We got "Dial M for Mudder" finished in time to go to publication July 2nd. Now we have to work on "House on Hollow Hill" for September release and "Hounds of Basalt Ville" for November. This could be a problem?

I have passed along the two sequels to "Dark Lady" to the editor, Monica along with the manuscript for "Alex in Wanderland". No idea where we are on all of this.

To keep myself out of trouble have started on the additions to "We're Not In Kansas." Then there are the two new novellas in the Housetrap Chronicles series. Have finished the first drafts, maybe hold back sending in until we get caught up?


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