Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


I've Been Too Busy

I've been too busy to keep up with my blog this month:

Drove to Alberta and back, that took up a week.

Trying to finish off the first draft of the sequel to The DarK Lady... the working title is The Dark Days and I'm somewhere over the 76,000 word mark.

Been trying to edit one of Leia's manuscripts, first read-through done.

And I have to re-format Pawn, Queen and Checkmate (due out in April 2013).

Spent this weekend up at the Lake working on the boat. We finally have internet at the dockside but I gave up trying to make it work after 4 tries. Maybe next weekend...

This week I'm speaking at the Rotary Club ... on my writing. Will give me another chance to promote The Dark Lady.

Next month at When Words Collide in Calgary. Doing a half hour reading of DL and then sitting on a panel discussing where ideas come from (I think!)

End of this month will be out of contact for a week... up the lake somewhere north.

So much to do, so little time... and that's the way I like it!   


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