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Might as well start off the New Year with my first blog. Funny, but I had no idea what to say so this took me a while. It feels good to finally have my first novel about to be published. It’s not really my first novel though, looking back on what I’ve written (hacked at?) over the years, this will be novel number ten. Yes, I have nine other complete full-length novels written and roaming around in my office. They are not lonely though, I have a novella coming out of the closet and scheduled for publication in December of this year. I’ve only written four novellas so far, so does this mean the odds are better? Short stories are another matter. I count at least sixteen, of which two have been professionally published (vs the three works that came out in a workshop-published effort.). Unsuccessful queries to agents are too numerous to mention in a brief blog. Looking back, this doesn’t seem like a lot of product for the decades I have spent being creative.

Is there a point to all of this? I have no idea, other than there is another novella already percolating on my laptop and notes on a sequel seem to be creeping into a file.

The moral of this story may be to write more and stop day-dreaming about attending conferences? Somewhere I read that one short story a week is a good target. I wonder how many novels?

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