Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


It Has Been a VERY Busy Month!

After I returned from When Words Collide in Calgary, where my two in-print books sold well, (The Dark Lady & The Queen's Pawn), I received two new contracts from my publisher!


She has picked up both sequels to The Dark Lady.


(Working titles!)

Dark Days is scheduled for publication March 3rd, 2014

Dark Knights is scheduled for publication August 4th, 2014


The Queen's Pawn has been getting some excellent reviews!


I was talking to the publisher about putting out a print edition of the Housetrap Chronicles, combining three stories to a volume. There is a good chance this will come off in the near future. I am now working on episodes five and six with the hope that a second Housetrap anthology might come about.


In November, along with three other Winnipeg writers, I will be manning a table at Comic con on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd and hopefully selling some books. I now have a supply of print copies of both The Dark Lady & The Queen's Pawn.


Between writing and selling I'm looking forward to a busy couple of months. Of course, next on the agenda is pull the sailboat out of the water for the season and winterize the beast, not one of my favorite jobs, but it has to be done.


I should mention I also have a short story out in a collection under Shared Whispers, a collection of fantasy with a romantic leaning written by some of the Champagne and Burst authors to promote themselves to a wider audience. I don't usually write romance, but...


You can also find me under "Worlds of the Imagination" and "The Writers Vineyard" ...  


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