Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


Getting Close To Publication

Received my final copy of "The Dark Lady". Looks all ready to go to publication for February. I will be sure to comment when it is available through Burst Books and other outlets as they happen.

I'm being interviewed on a Sci Fi Author review site on Feb 1st. Will get that website address posted shortly after it takes place.

Have been working on a sequel (one of the many) for "The Housetrap", the fantasy detective novella that is scheduled for December. Finished the first draft yesterday. That makes a total of three novellas in the "Houstrap Chronicles" series that are completed. Now all that has to happen is that "The Housetrap" is a success! But that is still months away from publication.

Giving some thought lately to working on the first draft of a sequel for "The Dark Lady." Better get started now as a full length novel takes some time and a few revisions before a final draft. Wouldn't want to miss out if Dark Lady takes off.

Enough for now. Good thing writing keeps me inside on a sunny day. The windchill is between -40C and -45C out there  today.

Just think, only two and a half more months and we can put the top down! Four months and we can think about launching the sailboat!





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