Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


Comic Con 2014 has Come and Gone

Comic Con was bigger and better than ever this year, taking over three floors of the Convention Centre. We were located in the artists section on the second floor. Better location than last year.

Sold more books than in previous years, talked to a lot of people, handed out information, and now ready to take it easy for a day or two.

Spent the last month working on the editing of Alex in Wanderland. Just about finished with that beast and it should be ready for the launch date of March 2015. Haven't seen the cover yet. Something I'm looking forward to.

After taking a break for a day or two, ready to get back at working on the sequel to The Queen's Pawn. Once I get that off my desk, will get back to working on Housetrap #7, working title: Menagerie a Trois....

When I send those two off it will be all up to my editor and publisher whether they are accepted or if we do any more in either of those series.

Been a busy month, time for a break.




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