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Been A Busy Month!

Been a very busy month. The publisher at Champagne/Burst asked to see the other three (so far) written in the "Housetrap Chronicles Series." That means they are now being looked at and we should know in the next month or three if that will be a go. If so, I might have to get back to writing some more new "Housetrap" material, just in case.

Work on the sequel to "The Dark Lady" got stalled this past month, what with everything else going on. A group of the writers, mainly those connected with The Writers Vineyard blog, are putting out a couple of free collections of romance/adventure tales. I've got submissions in for both volumes, The first tale, "Solitude," has been accepted.

Finished final editing on "Housetrap" and seen the final PDF product. It is all ready to go for December!

Next editing will come for "Knight's Bridge" (due for March 2013) and "Pawn, Queen" (or whatever title we settle on) due for April 2013...

Been working on participating in a ten site Blog Tour for October. Little idea of what I am doing. Will provide more information. Been creating several blogs for that project.

Been busy at home too. Put the sailboat away for the season a week ago. That is always fun, scrubbing down hull, finding out sails need repairs, changing oil in the engine etc. before the snow comes. (Which it did a few days ago.). Another sign that winter is not too far away, Today have to bring the fish in from the pond in the backyard. We have already had at least one night below freezing. At least they will give the cat something else to watch instead of just lying on my keyboard. 

Now in my spare time I can get back to working on "The Dark Lady" sequels, thinking of two: "Dark Days", and "Dark Knights."

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