Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


A really busy couple of weeks!

Keycon29 was busy! J. Ellen Smith, the publisher from Champagne/BURST, came to Winnipeg and we launched the paperback version of The Dark Lady on the Friday night, then Saturday I was on a panel with Robert Sawyer and Timothy Zahn with the topic "World Building". Sunday I joined Craig Russell for "Aspiring Authors" and then Craig and I joined Johnathan Mayberry for "Humour and Horror."

An excellent conference, sitting with the "experts" and a successful sale of several copies of Dark Lady. I suspect Ellen was pleased with Champagne/BURST sales over the three days.

Since then I have been working on the editing of "The Housetrap" due out in ebook format in December while picking away at a sequel to Dark Lady, tentatively titled Dark Days.

In my spare time launched the sailboat and made an attempt to beat back the jungle in our backyard.

To top off the week, last night I received an offer from Champagne/BURST for a fourth of my novels: "Pawn, Queen and Checkmate." Had a second drambuie to celebrate, then watched John Carter of Mars. Besides, "Pawn" is one of my favourites...

I think this will be a busy summer, sailing, gardening, editing, and of course, writing...

Don't forget, I will be at When Words Collide in Calgary in August 10th to 12th. Will be on a panel or two, haven't heard which yet.

You can also follow me on the Writer's Vineyard Blog group at: http:/ where I comment once every four weeks, my next post due there is June 25th.

Keep on writing!





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