Ronald Hore

Ronald Hore


Coming down the pipeline!

I have been busy, honest. I've also signed with a second publisher, eTreasures Publishing from Florida.

Through them I have several novels coming out in 2016.

First out is: "We're Not in Kansas" a near future thriller about a mother and daughter on a quest to find a missing ancient Egyptian goddess. This will be available sometime this month, first as an ebook and complete with, for me, a sexy cover.

Just finishing the editing process is ToltecKhan, the first book in a What-If trilogy, about what happens when the North Americans discover Europe first, and arrive with the superior technology. I expect this will be out shortly, haven't see the cover yet,

The second book in the trilogy, working title Toltec Dawn, has arrived in the editing process. I have to start on the third volume, probably called Toltec Sunset, by the end of this month if I'm going to meet my deadlines.

Through my other publisher, Burst Books of Alberta, I have the second volume in the "Queen's Pawn" series completed, "The Queen's Man" and ready to hit the stands, probably for February 2nd. The cover matches the first book in the series and looks good. The third novel, "The Queen's Game," has reached the editing process.

This year I plan to attend KeyCon in Winnipeg in May, When Words Collide in Calgary in August, and Comic Con in Winnipeg at the end of October.

Should be enough there to keep me busy!



I've Been A Bad Boy

I haven't made as much use of this site as I should have. My poor excuse is that I have been busy...writing.

As of today:

I have four projects accepted by publishers and in the hands of the editors.

Champagne Books:

- Book two in the Queen's Pawn Trilogy. Still haven't settled on a title. I'm about 50% of the way through writing the third and final instalment

- Menagerie @ Trois, the seventh fantasy detective tale in the Housetrap Chronicles series of novellas. I had actually started on the eighth but put that aside. It will be a winter project when I'm bored. 

eTreasures Publishing:

- ToltecKhan, my epic what-if tale has been broken into a trilogy. Book one is in editing, book two has been written, book three is a 2016 project.

- We're Not In Kansas. My first attempt at a speculative fiction novel

All of the above four should be out in the next 6 months.


Still doing book reviews for CM Magazine.

Still going a monthly blog on The Writers Vineyard and now doing a monthly on author Rebecca Dracco's website.

Trying to keep up with my author pages on Goodreads

Just finished two virtual book tours, one to help launch "Alex in Wanderland" and one regarding the completion of the Dark Lady Trilogy.

Going to be in Calgary this week at When Words Collide and will have a book table at Comic Con Winnipeg at the end of October.

No problem keeping busy.

All my books are available as ebooks and most now also appear in print editions available through the publisher or through the usual outlets such as Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords etc.

I promise to try and do better!



Comic Con 2014 has Come and Gone

Comic Con was bigger and better than ever this year, taking over three floors of the Convention Centre. We were located in the artists section on the second floor. Better location than last year.

Sold more books than in previous years, talked to a lot of people, handed out information, and now ready to take it easy for a day or two.

Spent the last month working on the editing of Alex in Wanderland. Just about finished with that beast and it should be ready for the launch date of March 2015. Haven't seen the cover yet. Something I'm looking forward to.

After taking a break for a day or two, ready to get back at working on the sequel to The Queen's Pawn. Once I get that off my desk, will get back to working on Housetrap #7, working title: Menagerie a Trois....

When I send those two off it will be all up to my editor and publisher whether they are accepted or if we do any more in either of those series.

Been a busy month, time for a break.




Where Has the year gone, or going, as the case may be...??

Worked at KeyCon in Winnipeg in May and sold a few books. Sat next to the author who write the Star Trek episode, The Trouble With Tribbles. Guess what he was selling. Of course I bought one.

Since then have spent a lot of time working on the edits for the two next projects coming out this year.

Dark Knights... the third novel in the Dark Lady series. There may be more. Time will tell. Due out in August 2014.

The Treasure of the Sarah Madder... the sixth in the Housetrap Chronicles series. due out in October 2014.

I've been held up with the editing side of the business and so have fallen behind on the two new projects:

The first novel of the sequels to the Queen's Pawn. So far untitled. Probably about 1/3 of the way through.

The seventh in the Housetrap series of novellas. About half way, maybe slightly more. Working title so far is: Menagerie a Trois...

Should be able to finish both by year end and send them off for inspection by my publisher.

Next I'm off to attend the Canadian Authors Canwrite Conference in Orillia. Look forward to meeting some old friends.

Will finish this summer at the When Words Collide conference in Calgary. I'm on half a dozen panels and hope to do a reading and book signing.

Looks like a busy summer.

Spring May Never Get Here ...That's Just a Rumor!

April has started off busy. I spent the last weekend in March at the Central Canada Lit Fest. Not as many attendees as last year and more venders. I took part in three panel discussions and did a reading from The Housetrap Chronicles, Volume 1 which is now out in paperback.

Plans are progressing for When Words Collide (Calgary in August) and the writer's retreat in Selkirk in October. Not sure how Keycon is progressing (May in Winnipeg. ) Seems a bit disorganized. Trying to get some info on CanWrite in Orillia in June. I will be there but not sure about selling books.

Have seen the new covers for the next two in the Houstrap Series. Love them. "Murder in the Rouge Mort" and "Treasure of the Sara Madder".

on Wednesday of this week (April 9th) I'm appearing at McNally Robinson for the Chi Series of readings. Hope we get a decent turn-out.    

Still working on the first of the Queen's Pawn's sequels as well as #7 Housetrap. This may take a while.

And Game of Thrones is back for season 4!


Been Running a Bit Behind.

What am I up to these days?

The novel "Alex in Wanderland" has been picked up for publication in 2015. That's a good thing..

The first of two sequels to The Dark Lady, the novel Dark Days, came out as an ebook March 3rd. The third book in the trilogy, Dark Knights, is scheduled for August 4th.

I will be appearing at the Central Canada Lit Fest March 29th and 30th in Winnipeg. Will be taking part in three panels and doing a reading.

On April 9th I will be joining two other writers in one of the Chi Series of readings at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg.

Looking ahead, I will be selling books at Keycon in Winnipeg the May long weekend, in Orillia for the Can Auth Convention in June and Calgary in August for When Words Collide.

To keep out of mischief I've been working on a couple of projects. Started a sequel to The Queen's Pawn. This will probably be a trilogy. Also working on another in the Housetrap Chronicles tales. Keeps me out of mischief.

The first Housetrap Chronicles Collection (Volume 1) seems to be doing well. For those who prefer their detective novellas in paper rather than ebook format.

Keep writing!




Welcome to 2014

Been busy this month.


Have finished the first round of editing on "Dark Days" and "Dark Knights", the two Dark Lady sequels due out this year.


Received the cover art for both. We're going in a new direction for Dark Lady and the publisher will probably re-issue "The Dark Lady" with the new cover format.


Burst Books, my publisher, has picked up the latest  two novellas I wrote for "The Housetrap Chronicles" fantasy detective series. I have done the first round of editing for:

"Murder in the Rouge Mort" and "The Treasure of the Sarah Madder."

That will bring the total to six in that series.


I did tell the publisher I'd have  look at my new contemporary fantasy tale and get it back to them for a look at by the end of January.


We were talking about sequels last month. It appears that sequels are popular in the reading world. I agreed to do a follow-up (or two) to "The Queen's Pawn." That should take me to the end of 2014. I've got as far as some scattered notes and the first page.


Was busy with book reviews the last couple of months. Before Christmas received eight to do. Down to the last three.


No hope of boredom this winter...


Sorry I'm late but here is what I have been up to recently!

Currently working on the editing for the first sequel to "The Dark Lady." Working title is "Dark Days" and it is due to be published March 2014. The third novel in the trilogy, "Dark Knights" is scheduled for August 2014. I will definitely get my fill of editing in the next few months.


Writing is more fun!


I submitted two more novellas in the Housetrap Chronicles to my editor and she has passed them on up the food chain to the publisher. For now it is a wait-and-see what happens. That would make a total of six in the series if they are accepted.


To keep myself out of mischief I have agreed to write two sequels to the novel "The Queen's Pawn" that came out in April of this year to some good reviews. That should keep me busy for the next year or two.


I also have a completed more "contemporary" fantasy novel that is back on my desk to look at revisions before re-submitting. That may have to wait a while.


This coming year I tentatively plan to attend four shows. The C4 Lit-Fest comes up in Winnipeg the end of March 2014, followed by KeyCon in May, also in Winnipeg. The Canadian Authors Assoc. host a conference in Orillia Ontario in  June and I hope to make that. Will wrap up my out-of-town literary appearances in August at When Words Collide in Calgary. Of course, there is also the big Comic Con in Winnipeg in the fall. Will see how the rest of the year goes. 

Central Canada Comic Con 2013

I will be manning a table at the Central Canada Comic Con at the Winnipeg Convention Centre November1st,2nd,3rd 2013.


Sharing the table with three other writers also with Burst Books:

Graeme Brown

Leia Getty

Craig Gibb

We all have books to sell. I will be featuring print copies of The Dark Lady and The Queen's Pawn and handing out information on the ebooks..

All the line editing on the manuscript for The Hounds of Basalt Ville are complete and this fourth in the Housetrap Chronicles series will be launched  November 4th 2013.


Spoke with my publisher and she is going ahead to create a print anthology out of the first three novellas in the Housetrap series. That should be out in time for KeyCon 2014.


Fingers are crossed. Still haven't heard back on whether they will take the two Housetrap novellas I submitted recently. That would bring the total to six if accepted. (and the potential for a second print collection!)


Looks like November will be busy too!

It Has Been a VERY Busy Month!

After I returned from When Words Collide in Calgary, where my two in-print books sold well, (The Dark Lady & The Queen's Pawn), I received two new contracts from my publisher!


She has picked up both sequels to The Dark Lady.


(Working titles!)

Dark Days is scheduled for publication March 3rd, 2014

Dark Knights is scheduled for publication August 4th, 2014


The Queen's Pawn has been getting some excellent reviews!


I was talking to the publisher about putting out a print edition of the Housetrap Chronicles, combining three stories to a volume. There is a good chance this will come off in the near future. I am now working on episodes five and six with the hope that a second Housetrap anthology might come about.


In November, along with three other Winnipeg writers, I will be manning a table at Comic con on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd and hopefully selling some books. I now have a supply of print copies of both The Dark Lady & The Queen's Pawn.


Between writing and selling I'm looking forward to a busy couple of months. Of course, next on the agenda is pull the sailboat out of the water for the season and winterize the beast, not one of my favorite jobs, but it has to be done.


I should mention I also have a short story out in a collection under Shared Whispers, a collection of fantasy with a romantic leaning written by some of the Champagne and Burst authors to promote themselves to a wider audience. I don't usually write romance, but...


You can also find me under "Worlds of the Imagination" and "The Writers Vineyard" ...  


Sitting in the Hotel in Calgary

I'm at the When Words Collide writer's conference in Calgary. Tomorrow I am taking part on four panels:

How Literary Should My Commercial Fiction Be?

Making the Everyday Fantastic

The Ghost Did It

The God Particle.

(Hope I don't make too big a fool of myself!)


Saturday night I take part in a mass autograph session and on Sunday get to do a reading from my latest novel: The Queen's Pawn.

Will be picking up some paperback copies (If the publisher doesn't run out) after the conference closes on Sunday to bring back to Winnipeg for anyone who doesn't like ebooks. (the rest of you will have to get them direct from the publisher (BURST) or someone like Amazon.

When I get home will have to get busy working on cleaning up the two drafts I have of sequels to The Dark Lady. Mentioned them to the publisher today as she is here too. Told her I have two more Housetraps in the works and we talked about combining 3 to a trade paperback. That would give us two (6 novellas).

Should be enough to keep me busy. Back to serious writing next week after filling my brain up here in Calgary. 

June was a very Mad Month

Sorry, seem to be a month behind. In June we were away for two weeks on a no-writing holiday, then I got home and had to wrestle the boat into the water.


And I have a new editor at Burst Books, Monica.


We got "Dial M for Mudder" finished in time to go to publication July 2nd. Now we have to work on "House on Hollow Hill" for September release and "Hounds of Basalt Ville" for November. This could be a problem?

I have passed along the two sequels to "Dark Lady" to the editor, Monica along with the manuscript for "Alex in Wanderland". No idea where we are on all of this.

To keep myself out of trouble have started on the additions to "We're Not In Kansas." Then there are the two new novellas in the Housetrap Chronicles series. Have finished the first drafts, maybe hold back sending in until we get caught up?


May Has Been Busy

This has been a busy month. Been assigned a new editor and we finished the editing on "Dial M for Mudder," the second in the Housetrap Chronicles Series. It is scheduled for release July 2nd, I believe. The next project due is "House on Hollow Hill" which comes out in September, to be followed by "Hounds of Basalt Ville" in November.

On the May long weekend I worked at a table at Keycon30 along with two other authors who are also published by Burst Books: Graeme Brown and L.T.Getty. We sold a few books and talked to a lot of people. We opened with a two hour reading session from our writings on the Friday night. On Saturday I took part in an autograph session and was on a panel discussion on Settings and World Building.

My next conference will be "When Words Collide" in Calgary, August 9th, 10th, 11th. Don't know at this stage what panels I will be on. Supposed to do at least one reading. Will say more when I have some details.

I am planning to be working on a table at Comic Con in Winnipeg, November 1st. 2nd, 3rd, along with the same two writers I was with at Keycon30. More on that later.

As far as future writings go, I have two more in the Housetrap Series in the works, have a couple of sequels to The Dark Lady now at the publisher to be looked at, and have a partially finished near future novel that needs completing.

June looks like a busy month too... and I'm going to be late getting the boat in the water this year.


What Happened in April?

This month I attended the first annual Central Canada Lit Fest. I had a table in the author's room and participated on three discussion panels: Pantser or Plotter, World Building, and What is a Beta Reader? The guest of honor, Kelly Armstrong, who I had met before, was on two of the same panels.


We completed a Virtual Book Tour for The Queen's Pawn. It was scored an average of 4.6 by the reviewers. Out of curiousity I checked my books listed on Goodreads:

The Dark Lady has an average score of 4.33 from 6 reviews

Housetrap has a score of 5.0 from 2 reviewers

Knight's Bridge has a score of 3.0 from 1 review (the only one I haven't actively promoted to date)

The Queen's Pawn has a score of 4.0 from 5 reviews


My editor retired last month so I'm in a bit of a holding pattern until assigned a new editor. I currently have the two sequels for the Dark Lady sitting at the publisher along with the manuscript for the stand-alone: "Alex in Wanderland."

Working on two more in the Housetrap Chronicles series. If accepted that would bring the total to six tales in that series.


Next month on the May long weekend will be attending Keycon in Winnipeg, doing a reading and on at least one panel. In August will be attending When Words Collide in Calgary, with a reading and panel. Details not confimed yet..   

What am I up to now...

Trying to get organized for the madness of this summer. I have attendance at two conferences scheduled: "KeyCon" the long weekend in May in Winnipeg, and "When Words Collide" in August in Calgary. Readings and panels will be involved.

I have the editing of the three novellas in "the Housetrap Chronicles" series to look forward to, they are due throughout the rest of 2013. While on that topic, I have just completed the first draft of the fifth in the series and making notes on number six. Then I think I will take a "Housetrap" break.

Finished the first drafts of sequels to the Dark Lady. Just waiting for comments.

"The Queen's Pawn" is due out in a week. have an interview and picture coming up in a local paper. A blog tour is scheduled for the second week of April to promote QP.

Have a project "We're Not in Kansas Anymore" that I thought was completed but I've changed my mind. I think it needs another 70,000 words to round it off and complete the story. Sort of left it hanging, I think. Will tackle that next while I'm waiting on everything else.

And then of course, once the ice and snow finally leave us, will have to devote some time to getting the boat ready. We are talking about another of the annual trips up the lake.

Oh good grief...



Some Thoughts on the Rules of Writing

At a conference I attended last year, one of the experienced authors, Kevin J. Anderson, talked about the rules of writing. He began by paraphrasing some rules set out by the famous science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, then added a few of his own. I thought these worthwhile passing along, so here are my opinions on what they both had to say. First, paraphrasing Heinlein:

Rule number one is Write. It seems obvious, but if you never get beyond the day-dreaming about your many marvelous ideas, you will not get very far. Set something down; it’s a start.

Rule number two is finish what you write. I don’t know how many writing workshops I have sat through where people are busy re-writing the opening chapter of their great novel and may never get around to actually finishing the thing. Write your short story or novel all the way through to the end, then go back and see if it makes sense.

Refrain from re-writing.

I would take this to mean that once you have spent a reasonable length of time going over your story, stop! Don’t spend the rest of your life trying to make it immaculate. There is a time when the story needs to be sent in. There is one codicil to this; you should probably re-write if your editor says to!

Put the work out to the market.

If you are planning to be a professional writer, there is nothing to be gained by never sending the manuscript out. It probably doesn’t matter what your mother/loving spouse thinks...find out what the pros have to say. It will never see the published light of day if it never ever leaves your office!

And rule number five, keep the work out in the marketplace until it is sold. I personally have a very bad habit of sending something out, receiving a rejection letter, and then filing the project away in a safe place. Send the project out again, and repeat rules one to five!

In addition to the above, which if followed should help to get you published, here are some additional thoughts from Mr. Anderson to consider once you are a publisher writer:

Be professional with everyone you meet and look professional all the time. Talk, dress, and act professional. Do what you are asked to do: turn in a project on time, with the length and topic as agreed. Don’t make enemies or start feuds. Don’t correct others in public, or in writing. Don’t argue. Be kind. I suspect the speaker was referring here especially to other authors, critics, editors, and the reading public. To play safe, just be kind to everyone, do your best work, and keep track of your business. You might just discover that you have become a professional author!

I agree!


Looking Forward to 2013 - Sort Of

Looking Forward to 2013 - Sort Of

As a writer I’m always juggling things I should be doing, and things I’d rather be doing with things I plan to do. Writing this essay on the first day of 2013 is a good reason to give some thought to what I will be up to in 2013, as a writer.

First, there are the writer’s conventions that I should choose to attend. These are an excellent place to meet other writers, editors, publishers, and recharge ones creative batteries. They are also an excellent place to promote your own writing. In 2013 I plan to attend the same two as last year: KeyCon in Winnipeg in May, and When Words Collide in Calgary in August. Must try to get on a panel or three and do some readings. If you have never attended a conference, most cities host something similar. Get out, dip your toe in the creative water and advance that career you have always wanted to try, or the one you are already settled in. If you are a famous author your publisher will probably send you out to promote; if you are just starting out, or scratching the surface like 90% of us, do it on your own!

Then there are the actual writing projects. I still have some final editing to do on Knight’s Bridge (publication March 2013) and The Queen’s Pawn (publication April 2013) as well as get into the first round of editing for the three novellas coming out later in 2013 in the Housetrap Chronicles series. I have to admit I am not fond of editing. After reading one of my stories until I think I’ve memorized every vowel and punctuation mark, it is amazing how many errors can still be found at subsequent go-arounds. I think my foggy brain just substitutes the proper word or spelling and ignores the errors after a while.

What I really enjoy is the creative side of the business, setting out plot and breaking ground on something new. I want to discover how the story will unfold. I often know how a story will end, it is the adventures in the middle that can bring a smile or two. In 2013 I am working on the sequel(s) to The Dark Lady. They are in the hands of my beta reader right now, and when she is finished scribbling on them they will go to my editor to see if they are worthy of publication, or if it is back to the drawing board. I have also started another Housetrap novella, mainly because I have fun writing these. I can allow my creative juices to run rampant. After all, if you don’t enjoy writing ... stop immediately! In 2013 I have some other "completed" manuscripts that need another look at to decide if they are ready to go out, or must be re-worked or altered.

Which reminds me, one of the best pieces of advice I ever heard given to writers was: "finish it!" I know of budding authors who have spent years polishing the first chapter or two, and never actually finishing their novel. If you are one of those people ... Stop that right now! Sit down, write the novel all the way through to the end, then worry about polishing and correcting. I started writing longhand, then graduated to a typewriter and finally the computer. Believe me when I say, it is a lot more simple now to change things on that first draft than it used to be.


The Dark Lady - February 2012

Housetrap - December 2012

Knight’s Bridge - March 2013

The Queen’s Pawn - April 2013

The Dark Lady - Parts Two and Parts Three

Last night I completed the first draft of the third book in the Dark Lady series.

So what does this mean? Where do we go from here?

Just the first step in a lengthy process. Next, my beta reader goes through the manuscript and gives her comments. I then re-edit.

I am waiting for both second and third books to be in the format where I am satsified with them. Once we reach that stage I forward both at the same time to my editor so that she can see if the continuing story flows properly. If the publisher agrees, then the books will be scheduled for publication. That is the start of another lengthy process.

We go through an editing, back and forth between editor and author, until we are both satisfied. Ultimately it may take a year between acceptance by the publisher and the books coming out, first as ebooks, and later as print editions.

The bottom line is that is they see publication, I hope the readers approve of how I have concluded the story and have some appreciation for why it sometimes takes so long for a sequel (or two) to come out.

Now I can concentrate on some other projects, but that is another story

Housetrap came out December 3rd and so far any comments I have received are positive. Fingers crossed...  

A Yuletide Concert and the Connection to Writing

Last night we attended a yuletide concert given by Heather Dale and her band. This was the first time I had heard Heather "live".

You might wonder what this has to do with writing. Quite a bit, actually.

Several years ago I came across Heather's music, bought some of her CDs on-line, and found myself listening to them as I worked on some of my novels. Her Arthurian and Medieval-style musc fit in very well while I was working on my fantasy tales that had a more or less medieval setting.

Two novels that I know were created with Heather in the background were "The Dark Lady" released in February 2012 and especially "Queen's Pawn" scheduled for publication in April 2013.

Nothing like good music to keep the creatve juices flowing. Now I have two more (aurographed) CDs to listen to while I pound the keyboard. (on top of the existing five!)

How did we enjoy the concert of early festive music?

Both of us enjoyed it very much! 


2013 is going to be a BUSY YEAR! The HOUSETRAP CHRONICLES is a go!

I just today signed a contract for the next three novellas in The Housetrap Chronicles!

The first book in the series, Housetrap, comes out next month, December 2012.

The others in the series are:

Dial M For Mudder .... July 2013

House on Hollow Hill ... September 2013

Hounds of Basalt Ville ... November 2013

This is in addition to Knight's Bridge, a novella due in March 2013 and Queen's Pawn (a working title) a novel due out in April 2013.

Today I'm in the midst of going over the edits on Queen's Pawn, while working on sequel(s) for The Dark Lady.

A promotion for Housetrap will be launched on sevral blog sites next month. It will be interesting to see what happens.  


Been A Busy Month!

Been a very busy month. The publisher at Champagne/Burst asked to see the other three (so far) written in the "Housetrap Chronicles Series." That means they are now being looked at and we should know in the next month or three if that will be a go. If so, I might have to get back to writing some more new "Housetrap" material, just in case.

Work on the sequel to "The Dark Lady" got stalled this past month, what with everything else going on. A group of the writers, mainly those connected with The Writers Vineyard blog, are putting out a couple of free collections of romance/adventure tales. I've got submissions in for both volumes, The first tale, "Solitude," has been accepted.

Finished final editing on "Housetrap" and seen the final PDF product. It is all ready to go for December!

Next editing will come for "Knight's Bridge" (due for March 2013) and "Pawn, Queen" (or whatever title we settle on) due for April 2013...

Been working on participating in a ten site Blog Tour for October. Little idea of what I am doing. Will provide more information. Been creating several blogs for that project.

Been busy at home too. Put the sailboat away for the season a week ago. That is always fun, scrubbing down hull, finding out sails need repairs, changing oil in the engine etc. before the snow comes. (Which it did a few days ago.). Another sign that winter is not too far away, Today have to bring the fish in from the pond in the backyard. We have already had at least one night below freezing. At least they will give the cat something else to watch instead of just lying on my keyboard. 

Now in my spare time I can get back to working on "The Dark Lady" sequels, thinking of two: "Dark Days", and "Dark Knights."

The Housetrap Chronicles becomes closer to reality

This week I got my first look at the cover for "Housetrap" which comes out in December. This is my first in a projected series of fantasy detective tales, all build around the adventures of a private eyeball.

I've written four of these stories, so hopefully if Housetrap does well, the others will follow.

I find these fun to write and when I start, I don't always know where I'm going to end up. I think the characters are running the show.

The others in this series written so far are: "Dial M for Mudder"

                                                                    "The House on Hollow Hill"

                                                                    "The Hounds of Basalt Ville"

So if the readers show their approval, and the publisher agrees, you may see more of this nonsense. I hope.



When Words Collide

Just returned from attending the second annual "When Words Collide" conference in Calgary.

Had an opportunity to do a reading from "The Dark Lady" and was a member of two panel discussions. The first was on the topic of where writers come up with their ideas and how they develop them. It was well attended. The senior writer on the panel was Kelly Armstrong, the Canadian horror writer.

The second panel was on critiquing, and the advantages/disadvantages of writer's critiquing groups vs individual writing partners. Not as well attended as the first panel, but got into a more heated discussion.

The attendence was 30% higher than last year's conference.

As usual, Robert Sawyer was very entertaining, as was Jack Whyte.

Met Kevin Anderson and his wife and a graphic artist from Winnipeg at the Aurora banquet

Even worked a short shift on the Champagne/BURST table. Sold only one book (a copy of Dark Lady) but bought three from the graphic artist while I was there.

Must consider going again next year.



I've Been Too Busy

I've been too busy to keep up with my blog this month:

Drove to Alberta and back, that took up a week.

Trying to finish off the first draft of the sequel to The DarK Lady... the working title is The Dark Days and I'm somewhere over the 76,000 word mark.

Been trying to edit one of Leia's manuscripts, first read-through done.

And I have to re-format Pawn, Queen and Checkmate (due out in April 2013).

Spent this weekend up at the Lake working on the boat. We finally have internet at the dockside but I gave up trying to make it work after 4 tries. Maybe next weekend...

This week I'm speaking at the Rotary Club ... on my writing. Will give me another chance to promote The Dark Lady.

Next month at When Words Collide in Calgary. Doing a half hour reading of DL and then sitting on a panel discussing where ideas come from (I think!)

End of this month will be out of contact for a week... up the lake somewhere north.

So much to do, so little time... and that's the way I like it!   


A really busy couple of weeks!

Keycon29 was busy! J. Ellen Smith, the publisher from Champagne/BURST, came to Winnipeg and we launched the paperback version of The Dark Lady on the Friday night, then Saturday I was on a panel with Robert Sawyer and Timothy Zahn with the topic "World Building". Sunday I joined Craig Russell for "Aspiring Authors" and then Craig and I joined Johnathan Mayberry for "Humour and Horror."

An excellent conference, sitting with the "experts" and a successful sale of several copies of Dark Lady. I suspect Ellen was pleased with Champagne/BURST sales over the three days.

Since then I have been working on the editing of "The Housetrap" due out in ebook format in December while picking away at a sequel to Dark Lady, tentatively titled Dark Days.

In my spare time launched the sailboat and made an attempt to beat back the jungle in our backyard.

To top off the week, last night I received an offer from Champagne/BURST for a fourth of my novels: "Pawn, Queen and Checkmate." Had a second drambuie to celebrate, then watched John Carter of Mars. Besides, "Pawn" is one of my favourites...

I think this will be a busy summer, sailing, gardening, editing, and of course, writing...

Don't forget, I will be at When Words Collide in Calgary in August 10th to 12th. Will be on a panel or two, haven't heard which yet.

You can also follow me on the Writer's Vineyard Blog group at: http:/ where I comment once every four weeks, my next post due there is June 25th.

Keep on writing!





A Book Launch and Panels

On Friday May 18th I will be joining my publisherr, J. Ellen Smith of Champagne/BURST Books, to launch the paperback version of "The Dark Lady" at the Radisson Hotel, 288 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg.

It will take place at 9pm in the Prairie Room (Ambassador F) on the 12th floor.


Keycon 29 is taking place the same weekend at that hotel. (You don't need to attend the conference to be at the book launch.)

I will also be appearing on two panels on Sunday to 20th:

- "Humour and Horror" at 12 noon

- "Aspiring Authors" at 1pm


Wish me luck and join us if you can!



Downloads to increase enjoyment of The Dark Lady, I hope!

Due to a reader's request, we have added a new feature on the "Coming Up" page.

Dark Lady Biography - if you click on this ikon you will get a download of a complete biography of the characters who appear in The Dark Lady along with some background information.

Map of Vadio - If you click on this ikon you will get a download of a map of the Valley of the Dragon's Eye where the action in The Dark Lady takes place.

Hope these will add something to your enjoyment of the tale.

Looking forward to Keycon. Will advise when I know where and when we will be launching the paperback version of DL and which panel sessions I will be involved in.

Finally raining today. Started thinking about the work I have to do to get the sailboat ready for another season. 

Amazon and The Dark Lady

The Dark Lady is now available on for the KIndle. That's a good sign!

Looking foward to Keycon and seeing The Dark Lady in paperback.

Right now trying to work up some connected products to use to promote TDL at the cons.




The Pace of Success

Following up on my last thought, here are a sample of the number of rejection letters some famous books received before they were finally published:

Carrie (30)

Chicken Soup for the Soul (140)

Diary of Anne Frank (16)

Dune (23)

Gone with the Wind (38)

The Help (45)

MASH (17)

Watership Down (26)

Which just goes to prove that even the best (and now famous) writers had to persevere before they saw their book in print.  

The Meaning of an Overnight Success?

Received word last night that Champagne/BURST Books will be picking up another of my novellas, "Knight's Bridge," for publication in March 2013.

With three on the go now: The Dark Lady released this month, The Housetrap scheduled for December 2012, and now Knight's Bridge, does that mean I now qualify as an overnight success?

After close to forty years of writing fiction (as a means of staying sane during my previous working life), it doesn't feel like overnight.

I guess the moral of this scribble is to keep at it, and by all means send things out to publishers (after they have been looked at several times, and not just by you!), and attend conventions and conferences where you may get an opportunity to meet with publishers, and if you are very, very, fortunate, you may be invited to send in a complete manuscript.

I just wish it happened forty years ago, but I'll take it!





Dark Lady E Book Launch is Here!

At last!

The Dark Lady is now available as an ebook through and as of today.

The waiting for the initial launch is over.

Now I'm waiting to see what the cover for The Housetrap will look like. (December seems a very long way away.)

Champagne/Burst are announcing on their websites that I will be at Keycon in Winnipeg in May 2012 to sign the paperback  of The Dark Lady ... something else to look forward to!

If you want to be a writer you must learn patience, grasshopper...



A Busy Year

First I had an interview posted on the Long and Short Reviews website under their fantasy and sci fi section:

and then I learned that BURST is going to launch the paperback version of The Dark Lady at Keycon in Winnipeg in May.

So I will be at "Keycon" May 18-20 2012

and then off to Calgary for "When Words Collide" August 10 to 12th 2012.

Have started to draft a sequel to Dark Lady, just in case...

Looks like a very busy year! 




Getting Close To Publication

Received my final copy of "The Dark Lady". Looks all ready to go to publication for February. I will be sure to comment when it is available through Burst Books and other outlets as they happen.

I'm being interviewed on a Sci Fi Author review site on Feb 1st. Will get that website address posted shortly after it takes place.

Have been working on a sequel (one of the many) for "The Housetrap", the fantasy detective novella that is scheduled for December. Finished the first draft yesterday. That makes a total of three novellas in the "Houstrap Chronicles" series that are completed. Now all that has to happen is that "The Housetrap" is a success! But that is still months away from publication.

Giving some thought lately to working on the first draft of a sequel for "The Dark Lady." Better get started now as a full length novel takes some time and a few revisions before a final draft. Wouldn't want to miss out if Dark Lady takes off.

Enough for now. Good thing writing keeps me inside on a sunny day. The windchill is between -40C and -45C out there  today.

Just think, only two and a half more months and we can put the top down! Four months and we can think about launching the sailboat!





Manuscript Week

I've just finished the (hopefully) last round of editing on The Dark Lady and sent it in to BURST. It boggles the mind, when you think of how many times this particular manuscript has been looked at, that I can still find picky little errors that need correcting.

I personaly go over the draft manuscript several times as I create it, then again once it is finished. Then I dump it on my writing buddy Leia to tear apart, and correct any errors she finds.

Before I sent the original to Champagne, I went over it again. My keen Editor at Champagne did her worst.

Now I've just gone through it again, in detail, twice, and I'll wager I haven't found everything.

The moral here is that you can't count on yourself to catch everything, probably because you have lived with your creation for so long it all looks wonderful, until someone points out what you have missed.

Of course, I have an alternative theory, "It's the evil machine!" (that or the cat waltzing on the keyboard)...

Watch for it ... The Dark Lady ... due out early February 2012!!







Might as well start off the New Year with my first blog. Funny, but I had no idea what to say so this took me a while. It feels good to finally have my first novel about to be published. It’s not really my first novel though, looking back on what I’ve written (hacked at?) over the years, this will be novel number ten. Yes, I have nine other complete full-length novels written and roaming around in my office. They are not lonely though, I have a novella coming out of the closet and scheduled for publication in December of this year. I’ve only written four novellas so far, so does this mean the odds are better? Short stories are another matter. I count at least sixteen, of which two have been professionally published (vs the three works that came out in a workshop-published effort.). Unsuccessful queries to agents are too numerous to mention in a brief blog. Looking back, this doesn’t seem like a lot of product for the decades I have spent being creative.

Is there a point to all of this? I have no idea, other than there is another novella already percolating on my laptop and notes on a sequel seem to be creeping into a file.

The moral of this story may be to write more and stop day-dreaming about attending conferences? Somewhere I read that one short story a week is a good target. I wonder how many novels?

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