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Coming down the pipeline!

I have been busy, honest. I've also signed with a second publisher, eTreasures Publishing from Florida.

Through them I have several novels coming out in 2016.

First out is: "We're Not in Kansas" a near future thriller about a mother and daughter on a quest to find a missing ancient Egyptian goddess. This will be available sometime this month, first as an ebook and complete with, for me, a sexy cover.

Just finishing the editing process is ToltecKhan, the first book in a What-If trilogy, about what happens when the North Americans discover Europe first, and arrive with the superior technology. I expect this will be out shortly, haven't see the cover yet,

The second book in the trilogy, working title Toltec Dawn, has arrived in the editing process. I have to start on the third volume, probably called Toltec Sunset, by the end of this month if I'm going to meet my deadlines.

Through my other publisher, Burst Books of Alberta, I have the second volume in the "Queen's Pawn" series completed, "The Queen's Man" and ready to hit the stands, probably for February 2nd. The cover matches the first book in the series and looks good. The third novel, "The Queen's Game," has reached the editing process.

This year I plan to attend KeyCon in Winnipeg in May, When Words Collide in Calgary in August, and Comic Con in Winnipeg at the end of October.

Should be enough there to keep me busy!



I've Been A Bad Boy

I haven't made as much use of this site as I should have. My poor excuse is that I have been busy...writing.

As of today:

I have four projects accepted by publishers and in the hands of the editors.

Champagne Books:

- Book two in the Queen's Pawn Trilogy. Still haven't settled on a title. I'm about 50% of the way through writing the third and final instalment

- Menagerie @ Trois, the seventh fantasy detective tale in the Housetrap Chronicles series of novellas. I had actually started on the eighth but put that aside. It will be a winter project when I'm bored. 

eTreasures Publishing:

- ToltecKhan, my epic what-if tale has been broken into a trilogy. Book one is in editing, book two has been written, book three is a 2016 project.

- We're Not In Kansas. My first attempt at a speculative fiction novel

All of the above four should be out in the next 6 months.


Still doing book reviews for CM Magazine.

Still going a monthly blog on The Writers Vineyard and now doing a monthly on author Rebecca Dracco's website.

Trying to keep up with my author pages on Goodreads

Just finished two virtual book tours, one to help launch "Alex in Wanderland" and one regarding the completion of the Dark Lady Trilogy.

Going to be in Calgary this week at When Words Collide and will have a book table at Comic Con Winnipeg at the end of October.

No problem keeping busy.

All my books are available as ebooks and most now also appear in print editions available through the publisher or through the usual outlets such as Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords etc.

I promise to try and do better!



Comic Con 2014 has Come and Gone

Comic Con was bigger and better than ever this year, taking over three floors of the Convention Centre. We were located in the artists section on the second floor. Better location than last year.

Sold more books than in previous years, talked to a lot of people, handed out information, and now ready to take it easy for a day or two.

Spent the last month working on the editing of Alex in Wanderland. Just about finished with that beast and it should be ready for the launch date of March 2015. Haven't seen the cover yet. Something I'm looking forward to.

After taking a break for a day or two, ready to get back at working on the sequel to The Queen's Pawn. Once I get that off my desk, will get back to working on Housetrap #7, working title: Menagerie a Trois....

When I send those two off it will be all up to my editor and publisher whether they are accepted or if we do any more in either of those series.

Been a busy month, time for a break.




Where Has the year gone, or going, as the case may be...??

Worked at KeyCon in Winnipeg in May and sold a few books. Sat next to the author who write the Star Trek episode, The Trouble With Tribbles. Guess what he was selling. Of course I bought one.

Since then have spent a lot of time working on the edits for the two next projects coming out this year.

Dark Knights... the third novel in the Dark Lady series. There may be more. Time will tell. Due out in August 2014.

The Treasure of the Sarah Madder... the sixth in the Housetrap Chronicles series. due out in October 2014.

I've been held up with the editing side of the business and so have fallen behind on the two new projects:

The first novel of the sequels to the Queen's Pawn. So far untitled. Probably about 1/3 of the way through.

The seventh in the Housetrap series of novellas. About half way, maybe slightly more. Working title so far is: Menagerie a Trois...

Should be able to finish both by year end and send them off for inspection by my publisher.

Next I'm off to attend the Canadian Authors Canwrite Conference in Orillia. Look forward to meeting some old friends.

Will finish this summer at the When Words Collide conference in Calgary. I'm on half a dozen panels and hope to do a reading and book signing.

Looks like a busy summer.

Spring May Never Get Here ...That's Just a Rumor!

April has started off busy. I spent the last weekend in March at the Central Canada Lit Fest. Not as many attendees as last year and more venders. I took part in three panel discussions and did a reading from The Housetrap Chronicles, Volume 1 which is now out in paperback.

Plans are progressing for When Words Collide (Calgary in August) and the writer's retreat in Selkirk in October. Not sure how Keycon is progressing (May in Winnipeg. ) Seems a bit disorganized. Trying to get some info on CanWrite in Orillia in June. I will be there but not sure about selling books.

Have seen the new covers for the next two in the Houstrap Series. Love them. "Murder in the Rouge Mort" and "Treasure of the Sara Madder".

on Wednesday of this week (April 9th) I'm appearing at McNally Robinson for the Chi Series of readings. Hope we get a decent turn-out.    

Still working on the first of the Queen's Pawn's sequels as well as #7 Housetrap. This may take a while.

And Game of Thrones is back for season 4!


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